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Often imitated. Never duplicated.
Your BGC Ghost NFT doubles as your OG GHOST membership card, and it grants access to members-only benefits like BGC airdrops, giveaways, and future NFT and physical events. Each BGC Ghost collectible comes in a dope range of styles, colors and traits. Some are rarer than others, but all have vibes.

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Thinking of a master plan

Here's a list of some of our goals and where we want to take BGC. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on for the future of the Billionaire Ghosts Club holders.

1. Launch

🌑 FULL MOON Friday August 12th 2022 3:33pm PT we open up the VIP Pre-Mint list for the OG Ghosts that have been supporting us since day one! 

Saturday August 13th 2022
at 3:33pm PT is the Official Launch Date and public drop for 3,333 randomly generated BGC Ghosts.

Monday August 15th 2022 (two days following public mint) BGC Ghosts will be revealed to their owners!


After the project is fully sold out, we will begin the process of creating surprise future custom BGC airdrops from the BGC Creators and amazing friends.

3. Merch Drop

We are planning merchandise drops in the future for the BGC holders and fans. Shirts, hats, who knows? We'll leave it up to the BGC Squad to Vote on it.

4. Collaboration

The BGC Squad will continue to collaborate with other NFT projects and artists for future giveaways and Premint VIP spots.

5. Future Drops

Being a BGC holder will give you access to any future projects and editions from our team.

Legendary artists

We've had the pleasure to collaborate with some amazing, world-renowned artists and friends to bring you some special 1-of-1 custom BGC Ghosts. These Ghosts will be blindly inserted into the collection and randomized, so try your luck at getting one of these Legendary Ghosts! Guest artists will be revealed prior to public mint.

Yai Ice Cream Profile picture

Yai Ice Cream

Yai is a self-taught artist and designer from Madrid, Spain. She spent 10 years in Phoenix creating art Currently residing in Los Angeles.

Mariana Martins

Mariana is an American-Brazilian Animator / illustrator / Art Teacher that makes amazing ghouls, ghosts and fun animations. From Boston, MA

Brian Morris Profile Picture

Brian Morris

The Glass GAWD aka Brian Morris is a life-long Artist who after 25 years in digital agencies and has devoted his energy to image making.

Brian Romero Profile Picture

Brian Romero

Brian Romero has created eye popping hand illustrated art for skateboard companies, musical artists and creative brands around the world.

Sam Pierson Profile Picture

Sam Pierson

Sam is a killer artist from Denver Co, rocking out Legendary Posters & Clothing designs for Major Brands and Labels.

Plotski Profile Picture


Plotski has been in the WEB3 space since day one and has been a pillar in the metaverse and art communities.

Andy Poon Profile Picture

Andy Poon

Andy Vancouver based designer and art director in the entertainment industry. He's also the amazing artist behind the WARPS NFT Project.

Mitch Putnam Profile Picture

Mitch Putnam

Mitch is the man behind many Famous NFT Projects in recent, He's also Co-Founder of Mondo. & Co-Founder of THE VACVVM. Do your research! 

Violetta Profile Picture

Violetta Melnikova

Eye Above Sky aka Violetta Melnikova is one of the most interesting and amazing digital artists thats currently making waves on WEB3!

Fin Profile Picture


Fin is force not to be taken lightly, this Native American artist from Phoenix, AZ is quickly making waves in the Digital and Physical realms.

MR. Brian

Mr. Brian is a OG Artist of 20+ years and Educator from New York State, living in Japan. Creator of B.A.G.Z. + Tanuki Birds.


Autistic artist making Abstract Single-Lined faces NFTs, Murals, Paintings, & more since 2016. From Long Beach, CA

Kate Samuels

Kate is an Awesome artist in New Mexico. That is a master of NFTs and Watercolor Artworks.


Mobsolete is the creative pseudonym for Houston based artist Mark Williamson. Mobsolete creates posters, shirts, skateboards, and more.

BGC Creators Pic

the creators

MEANMUGG and MEGVDEVTH have been creating art and marketing design over 20 years, and both are responsible for creating art for hundreds of well renowned companies and brands. When their crazy minds and ideas sync up, there's no telling what the future might bring!

We can't wait to show you what they have been working on and whats in store for the future of the BGC GHOSTS!


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Community?? Sure, but we don't get caught up in our own hype. The BGC Ghost fam, and every individual of the squad, has a voice and is respected equally.

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